Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whatcha got cookin'?

Week of: March 3rd-9th

The final week!

Day 15 MONDAY: Stuffed Peppers / Veggie Mix

Day 16 TUESDAY: White Chicken Chili / Salad / Sauteed Peppers

Day 17 WEDNESDAY: Pork Chops / Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Day 18 THURSDAY: Spaghetti with Meatballs / Zoodles / Salad

Day 19 FRIDAY: Cauliflower Alfredo / Baked Chicken / Spaghetti Squash / Green Beans

Day 20 SATURDAY: Almond Beef Stir Fry- substituted raw almond slices for cashews

Day 21 SUNDAY: Burgers / Cauliflower Buns / Jicama Fries / Veggies


Big Ass Pancake / Bacon / Sunbutter


Lettuce Taco Bento Boxes

*Please note this is my personal menu- in no way associated with the 21 Day Sugar Detox program.  Please do your research and purchase the appropriate materials for your journey.

Whatcha got Cookin'?

Week of: February 24th-March 2nd

Day 8 MONDAY: Coconut Curry Chicken / Roasted Broccoli (omit cheese) / Salad

Day 9 TUESDAY: Steak / Jicama Fries / Salad

Day 10 WEDNESDAY: Paleo Ranch Chicken / Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Day 11 THURSDAY: Pork Chops / Skillet Butternut Squash & Greens

Day 12 FRIDAY: Ground Beef Stroganoff / Green Beans / Salad

Day 13 SATURDAY: Carrot Curry Turkey Burgers / Curry Braised Cabbage 

Day 14 SUNDAY: Mustard Balsamic Chicken / Roasted Carrots with cinnamon


Big Ass Pancake / Bacon / Sunbutter


Lettuce Taco Bento Boxes

*Please note this is my personal menu- in no way associated with the 21 Day Sugar Detox program.  Please do your research and purchase the appropriate materials for your journey.

Whatcha got cookin'?

Week of February 17th-23rd

We are on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, and this is week one!  The biggest challenge so far has been planning, so naturally I planned more.

Day 1 MONDAY:  Chicken Tacos

Day 2 TUESDAY:  Perfect Paleo Pork Chops

Day 3 WEDNESDAY: Steak

Day 4 THURSDAY:  Chicken Pot Pie with this crust

Day 5 FRIDAY: Califlower Pizza Tots

Day 6 SATURDAY: Spaghetti with zoodles

Day 7 SUNDAY:  Mini-Mexican Meat Loaves

Egg Muffins / Bacon

Hard-boiled Egg, Veggies, Nuts Bento Boxes

*Please note this is my personal menu- in no way associated with the 21 Day Sugar Detox program.  Please do your research and purchase the appropriate materials for your journey.

Where have I been?

I've been MIA for some time now.  Where did I go? What happened? Did I gain a ton of weight back?

In one word, what happened: Magnus

That's right I got pregnant and had another baby.  The journey through this pregnancy was difficult.  Initially I felt great, I kept up at Crossfit, and could eat without issue.

Then everything became an issue.  Water made me gag, apples made me gag, food I love made me flee from a room.  Not fun.  I struggled for quite some time with what to do.  I had worked so hard to fine tune my diet, I thought that Paleo would get me through morning sickness and the entire pregnancy.  It didn't.  Or rather it became apparent that it was not going to work for me to continue to be Paleo for the duration of this pregnancy.  It was like saying goodbye to a friend.  One you know you will see again, but not for a long time.

I remained gluten free, but incorporated dairy, some sugar, and grains back into my diet.  Mainly to survive.

Once I had the food situation under control, I thought I was good.  Then the hip/pelvic bone pain started.  It is EXCRUCIATING! If a pregnant women ever says her pelvis hurts tell her it's a miracle she is standing there talking with you, because it is.  Pelvic pain is an absolute horror.  I couldn't pick up my legs.  Imagine how many times a day you carelessly pick up your legs, say to walk, go up stairs, get dressed- not possible with this pain.  I managed the best I could with pillows, ice, chiropractic care and stretching, but Crossfit was out.  This was hard too.  Just when I finally felt like I had carved a little place for myself at my box, I'm gone.

After all this, the icing on the non-paleo cake, BED-REST. Yup, 16 weeks of bed-rest.  16 weeks is a lifetime when you can't change laundry, or vacuum or pick-up you other children.  Honestly a little part of me died during that time.  I couldn't have company over, for fear of having an early labor issue.  I slowly pulled away from all the people I knew, places I went, things I did.  I was simply a vessel for this baby.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I would change anything, it was just a challenging time.

Now, post happy baby boy birth (9 pounds 9 ounces). I did gain some weight, and lost basically all muscle tone, but I'm ready to re-focus on me, my health, eating and exercise.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Paleo Thanksgiving

A traditional Thanksgiving is a feast with a focus on overindulgence, three times as much food as anyone could eat and football.  Our Thanksgiving only had one of those- tons of food!  All healthy Paleo foods!  I cooked up a 23 pound (larger then my daughter) turkey and it was a masterpiece!  Absolutely perfect!  My husband could not get enough and I actually think his love for me grew from the perfection of this turkey.  No joke.  Perfect turkey= undying affection and devotion. I also tried my hand at some Paleo pies- one pumpkin one pecan.  Both were okay, but definitely need more experimenting.

Does your love grow with perfect turkey?

I've steadily been losing weight since I started gluten-free and have only continued to lose by transitioning to paleo and then starting CrossFit.  I'm finding myself caring a lot less about a number on the scale and a lot more about my performance at CrossFit and my general overall health.  I've been emotionally stable for quite a while- this is a great success!  We are going through a lot of change as we are selling our house and have bought a new one- so I am in house-cleaning purgatory, but still I am finding myself happy and content even with the chaos surrounding me.

For that I am thankful.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It's awesome.

I feel like that is about all I need to say.

I went to the "Introduction to CrossFit" workout/intro last night.  I was probably more nervous then I've been in a looooong time.  When I first got there I feel very overwhelmed, but that feeling soon dissipated.  The moves were hard, but they did an excellent job of coaching and assisting.  The hardest part for me, aside from muscle fatigue was remembering to COUNT! Seriously- I'm incapable of counting while concentrating on anything else!

Today I'm sore.  Like stairs are my nemesis.  And considering I had to take two 2 year olds to dance class and bend over to change their clothes and shoes (of course I looked like I doing the worlds slowest squat- one that I might not come back from) I'm doing okay.  I'm already looking forward to going to my next workout.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have a vision for myself.  I think everyone does- some more realistic then others.  I don't have any crazy expectations for myself.  I simply what to feel healthy, look healthy, and live healthy.  I feel I'm doing that and I need to continue to do that to reach this vision. I want that vision to be staring at me in the mirror someday.

I have my "Introduction to Crossfit" class/workout tomorrow.  Honestly I'm nervous/scared/excited/anxious about it all.  I WANT this to be a place where I can truly commit to being healthy and find something I want to do in order to get there.  I WANT to find like-minded people- because frankly I am finding people who don't care about their/children/anyone's' health very hard to relate too!  I'm nervous I will feel like a failure, or not be able to do the movements (even modified).  I'm scared that I will seem disappointing to the other people there- that what I am is exactly what they don't want to be- hence working out so hard.  I'm scared that I will disappoint myself by giving up or giving in.  I'm scared of being watched while I fail.  I need some confidence, I need some hope for myself.

I'm also excited about starting this experience because I really think that this might be something that I will enjoy and in that I will find my place. I really want to find 'that place'.

I've been Paleo for 2-3 months now.  I'm not sure I can ever go back.  I feel good physically about 95% of the time- which is crazy for me!  My clothes are literally FALLING off, my bras don't fit right anymore and I look like I borrowed someones (much too large) shirts!  I'm totally not used to this feeling.  I'm not sure how to process it at times.  People are starting to notice and comment- which always feels really good.  I am or I guess was used to being the 'fattest person in the room' but now I'm not always.  Sometimes, but not always!  That is crazy to me!