Monday, August 20, 2012


So I completed the 5K 101 as I discussed before, but I haven't been able to run an actual 5K!  I'm feeling very discouraged and stuck, so I reached out to the 5K101 Facebook Page.  Here is my question and the response:

I'm totally not ready for a partner- especially with the friend who commented because she is running 10Ks and Half-Marathons!  I would only bring her down!  I'm already self-conscience enough about running, to add someone else who looks like my workout is their warm-up would just be too much!  So now I'm going to re-start the 5K 101 program on Week 4 with a faster pace.  I'm having a hard time getting through the 'go outside' part.  I really don't want to. (Insert foot stomp like 2 year old).  I know I am judgmental and of course I hate feeling judged (go figure). Flailing my fat a$$ down the street would be my worst nightmare.  I'm not sure I will get over that. Maybe someday. For now I'm going to up my speed in the safety and privacy of my basement and see where that leads me...

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