Monday, November 26, 2012

Paleo Thanksgiving

A traditional Thanksgiving is a feast with a focus on overindulgence, three times as much food as anyone could eat and football.  Our Thanksgiving only had one of those- tons of food!  All healthy Paleo foods!  I cooked up a 23 pound (larger then my daughter) turkey and it was a masterpiece!  Absolutely perfect!  My husband could not get enough and I actually think his love for me grew from the perfection of this turkey.  No joke.  Perfect turkey= undying affection and devotion. I also tried my hand at some Paleo pies- one pumpkin one pecan.  Both were okay, but definitely need more experimenting.

Does your love grow with perfect turkey?

I've steadily been losing weight since I started gluten-free and have only continued to lose by transitioning to paleo and then starting CrossFit.  I'm finding myself caring a lot less about a number on the scale and a lot more about my performance at CrossFit and my general overall health.  I've been emotionally stable for quite a while- this is a great success!  We are going through a lot of change as we are selling our house and have bought a new one- so I am in house-cleaning purgatory, but still I am finding myself happy and content even with the chaos surrounding me.

For that I am thankful.

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