Monday, March 10, 2014

My Thoughts on 21 Day Sugar Detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox (or 21DSD for short) is a program intended to purge your system of sugar in order to allow you to break free from sugar addiction and the subsequent sugar craving and cycles. If you want more information check out this site.

My husband and I embarked upon this 21DSD in an attempt to jump-start our health focus after the birth of our third child.  We had fallen into comfort and convenience eating styles, not a unhealthy as previous times, but nonetheless not a lifestyle we wanted to continue.

The first few days were very challenging and I'm very happy I menu planned as extensively as I did (please see my other blog posts for menu plans; here, here, here). My overall success was very minimal as far as weight loss, and mentally I felt it constantly left me searching for something I could never find.  I was not hungry so much as unsatisfied.  I'm not sure why.  I have theories.  Not enough fat, just barely enough carbs to keep me going but right on the edge of ketosis, so I basically felt horrible without the fat burning benefits of ketosis.  I don't know what the problem was, but I know that I did not get from the 21DSD what I thought I wanted.

After the detox it is extremely hard not to binge.  You feel like you survived some sort of bad trip where you never got your luggage and it rained the whole time and you deserve the indulgence.  The exact opposite of what we wanted from this journey.

For me, I think cleanse type diets (or X day diets) are not a good fit.  I feel to stretched thin with restriction in the duration which causes me to rubber-band the opposite direction upon completion. I'm sure this type of diet is a great fit for some, I am just not one of those people, which is probably the most important thing I learned from the 21DSD.


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