Monday, April 14, 2014

Sometimes it's good to be full of BS

If you had a time machine and used it to go back in time, in order to tell a younger version of myself that I would salivate over Brussels sprouts, I would not believe you.  Firstly, why would you use a time machine to do that?!? And secondly I would never in my wildest dreams considered Brussels spouts to be food. 

Oh how times change.  Brussels sprouts are one of the, and possibly only, good things that came from my recent completion of the 21 DSD.  Those little buggers are delicious!

I feel it takes time and effort to change one’s palate.  It is hard, and I am already an admittedly ‘picky’ eater.  I've changed my eating habits over time and somewhere along the way my palate followed suit. 

What changes have occurred to your palate? Did you notice it happening over time of did it just dawn on you one day?

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